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Test Drive Cysive Cymbio® and develop a multi-channel application in less than four hours. Download our 30-Day Trial Today.


White Papers

Start with the User - Users are frustrated and it's costing you money.

The integration projects that have streamlined your business processes have done nothing to improve the user experience. When your business uses the Cysive Cymbio Interaction Server to consolidate back-end systems into a unified solution, users are free to access systems from whatever device they want, wherever and whenever they need. You win and so do your users!

Interaction: The Killer App for Web Services. Promise vs. Reality.

Web Services are touted as a standards-based distributed computing technology for exposing business applications, functionality and data across system and network boundaries. If the visionaries are to be believed, thanks to Web Services we will one day live in a world where our computer systems "all just get along." A little reality is in order. Web Services are a new approach to an old idea. It’s evolution, not revolution.

Your Architecture is Obsolete - Simplify Your Enterprise.

On the surface, your architecture seems to be handling your web applications, but have you figured out how to handle new, increasingly complex user access requirements and new business demands? According to leading analysts, these enterprise changes require new capabilties in the presentation tier.


Cysive Lab Reports

Cymbio Optimized Web Services Benchmarking Report - Optimize Your Enterprise.

Struggling with making the trade-off between performance and standardization of you system interfaces? The Cysive Labs "Optimized Web Services Benchmark Report" proves that the performance of optimized Web services in Cysive Cymbio® is exponentially better than conventional Web services, and mirrors the performance of native calls.

Web Services Benchmarking Report - Web Services vs. Native Calls

System architects using the conventional Web Services stack are confronted with an unacceptable tradeoff between performance and standardization of system interfaces; however, they lack the data that provides a measurement of this performance problem. The goal of this benchmarking report is to quantify the degradation of performance introduced by Web Services in order to encourage evaluation of other approaches.



Cysive Corporate Fact Sheet
All about us, including a product overview, our management team, our partners and customers.

Cysive Cymbio Product Specification Sheet
The latest specification for Cysive Cymbio version 4.0.


The Cymbio Cymbio Interaction Server™ increases self-service and user productivity, while reducing call center and other software costs.

Cysive Cymbio® integrates the enterprise where it affects users the most - the presentation tier.