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Cysive Cymbio Interaction Server™
The Cysive Cymbio Interaction Server is User Interaction Management (UIM) software that delivers a seamless user experience across devices, applications and intermittent connections. Cysive Cymbio® integrates the enterprise where it affects users the most - the presentation tier - providing one corporate face to customers and other users. Cysive Cymbio software reduces the cost of multi-channel solutions, and enables rapid front-end integration of third-party systems and newly acquired or merged companies. Cysive Cymbio delivers customers and internal users a great experience that increases satisfaction, self-service and productivity, while reducing call center, systems management and software maintenance costs.

Where Cysive Cymbio® Fits into your Enterprise Architecture
Cysive Cymbio reduces complexity in your enterprise architecture. Based on open standards and widely accepted and supported technologies, Cysive Cymbio allows you to leverage and orchestrate your existing Web, enterprise, and legacy applications with the ability to add wireless, voice and Web services application support, without requiring extensive integration and custom coding efforts. Presentation support is provided for multiple devices on top of the same business logic, ensuring the channel and device the user chooses is correctly identified and the appropriate user interface transmitted. Cysive Cymbio uses a single code base, providing easier maintenance, support, and a built-in migration path for adding features and technologies. Its integrated rules engine and workflow system enables you to visually model business rules and change business requirements without writing code or taking your system down.

Cysive Cymbio's architecture incorporates all the components required for developing multi-channel applications to operate across multiple channels, reducing your development time and costs and accelerating delivery. Its enterprise integration capabilities provide seamless integration of your existing business applications, including ERP, financials, and legacy systems.

Cysive Cymbio is designed to run on and leverage the features of your existing application server, or comes bundled with a standard runtime-whichever you prefer. It is fully compatible with leading application J2EE servers, including BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, and Sun's SunOne platform.

Cysive Cymbio